Reliable Services Across Borders



To provide world class services that anticipate emerging needs and deliver exceptional services, value and expertise to our client and stakeholders.


Be the Model through knowledge, teamwork and communication with the aim of enhancing efficiencies for our clients.




In pursuit of our strategy, we have set clear cut goals, actively managing our port-folio to re-invest in growth so as to focus on area where we have competitive advantage.

Clear Cut Goals : First in order to achieve a better operational efficiency and safety performance, we aim to run a safe, reliable and complaint operations. We also aim to achieve competitive project execution, which is about delivering projects efficiently so they are on time and on budget.

Managing our port-folio: We undertake active port folio management to concertrate on areas where we can play to our strength. This means we continue to grow our oil and gas servicing business. We focus on high value clients in the oil and gas industry and we also plan to leverage on our new partnerships with original equipment manufacturers to grow free cash flow. Our Port-folio of projects and operations is focused where we can generate the most value.




Our shared core values points to what is most important to us as we conduct our business and the way we act must reflect the below values



We relentlessly pursue our goal of providing an incident free work place for our people at all times and at any location. We care about the safe management of the environment and will protect it by conserving resources, reducing waste and preventing environmental pollution


We apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do. Integrigty, honesty and accountability are at the core of our business. We believe that by treating our clients and suppliers fairly and with respect will earn their trust and we can build a sustainable sucess together. At Timproxy, we match our behavior to our words and take responsibility for our actions.



We are committed to openly and honestly working with our clients and customers in order to build a longterm relationship and to develop and deliver the right solution that makes a real contribution to the competitiveness of our customers. We constantly strive to deliver excellent service quality, meeting expectations, communicating regularly, acting with integrity and respecting their core values and work practice.